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to got2getfios.com today for america's fastest, most reliable internet -- call the verizon center verizon fios. for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. for america's fastest, most reliable internet -- call the verizon center -live look downtown friday,,december 28th 3 3 28th 33 p3 3 3 3 3 3 3-3 3 & 3 ,3 a major strike at 15 major east coast pprts.. including the port of baltimore could bbgin this weeeend... and pould affect billioos of dollarr of cargo along the east coast. coast.the contract between the association and the u-s en - maritime aaliance... which represents shippinn companies to expireeone minute past set mooey.manageeent wants to reeuce "connainnr rooalties." if a ddal isn'ttreachhe... a strike ould stop ll container traffic at the port. (7:08) the port of baatimore pi one of maryland's largest eceonice gerneeators so any type of work action thaa may result in a suspension orrstoppage of work wouud have an adverse effe. organizations have urged president obama to order an 80 day cooling oof eriod but right now there is no that directionnlosing the ports t
$300 back. go to got2getfios.com today for america's fastest, most reliable internet -- call the verizon center verizon fios. for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. for america's fastest, most reliable internet -- call the verizon center 3 tz----adblib weather --adblib weather tz-- 3 33 &p --toss to vytas-- vvtas-- 3 3 3 that's all or 3 3 --toss to vytas-- vytas-- tz----adblib weather --adblib weaaher tz-- p,3 3 p-adblib weaaher tz-- 3 that's all for ox45 neww at 5:30."family feud" is next. next.and weell e back tonight the late edition at 11...and - 11...we'll see you
to america's fastest, most consistent, most reliable internet -- verizon fios. making money off of tragedy. the lies one woman told to profit off of the newtown shooting.. and the charges she's facing this morning. it could arrive and how much - we could get this time. ann.. a baby recliner recall. what's wrong with them.. and what you should do if you own one. 3 3 3 friday, december 28th. 3 3 &p 3 3 p3 -3 the severe beating of a man on christmas night in east baltimore... is now bbing investggated as a possibl. crime.this is what kenny shaw looksslike.his face badly beaten..haw and his family believe he was targeted because e's gay. 13:10:55 this was outragous what type of person wouud do chriitmas you know when people are supposed to be celebrating people are out ttere committing crimes :09 :09 shaw says her son was walking home from a cornee store when a grrup of... 5 or 6 men... attacked him. so far....no arrests have been have sseeral leads.say they do - first death due to hypothermia thii winter.health officials say that a manndiee in freddrick ccunty... sometime between december
in america. estimates are that would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $8 billion a year. couple of questions: one, would you vote at a time of deficit issues, for $8 billion a year to put armed guards in every school in america, and, are there any laws you could support, in terms of assault guns, assault rifles, in terms of high capacity magazines, tightening background checks, any new gun controls you could support. >> let's step back for a second. i'm a doctor, i'm a father of three. and, i'm from wyoming. a state where we believe strongly in our 2nd amendment rights. we are the people of wyoming, me, personal are still absolutely committed to filed real solutions that work. so, something like this tragedy never happens again. three more of those children were laid to rest, yesterday. >> chris: i'm asking a specific question. >> very, very, very... very, very hurtful to all of us in this country. i think decisions about schools ought to be made at the local level. i would not want a national effort to say you have to do this in schools. i think local education decisions are be
, and you're now clicked in. coming up... a day that ccanged america forever. ffrever.how maryland is marking the annivvrsarr... of the attack on pearl harror. sliding down the fiscal cliff by armstrong williams it 3 issnot clear whether america wiil continue to slide doon the fiscal cliff. no one falls off the cliff- it's just a matter of continuing to sliie intt un-chartered financial wasteland. there is pow a countdown on several news stations ii the washington, dc area hat show how many days merica has until it goes off the fiscal cliff. but despite the fact that there is ess than 30 days for lawmakers to get their aat together to solve the fiscal cciff, the reality of the situation is that it is impossible to solve he fiscal cliff in the four weeks it took americaaa gennration of fiscally-irresponsible fiscal policies, including unfunded entttlement legislation to get us into this mess. it is unreasonable tt expect politicians to get us out of thhs mess before the government decides to go after & aalofty goal such as olving the fiscal cliff, it should focus on reaching
' restaurants. america runs on dunkin'. called "fiscal cliff" would pave n impact on mmst people but noneebigger than small business ooners.brenda buttner these owners may facee face. on any ffll ff the cliff, some will get hurt more thann others. small biz owners face some of the biggest hits. that's &pbecause most of them, who are far frommrich as inddviduals, and oottn struggge to startup taxed on the individual level. if we go over the cliff, and that temporary taxx reak, which waa originally intended to help companies on main will suufer a 5.8% tax raae ift business is clear what thht &pmeans to the country:card says: "i hope the federal goverrment in dc recognizes that small business owners pay their taxes at the indivvduaa rrte and when we ttlk about corporate tax reform or business tax eform, that that's not a good idda. thess are the people thht create two thatts part of thh reason the estimates the unemploymmnt &pthe end of nexttyear if we y - jump off the clifff which impacts customers of firms big and small but the small guys on main street co
the poorest in thee state! mmkulski 1244ww in maryland have some of the most prosperous countiee in america, but we also have some of the most poor and that's who got hit by this storr 33 fugate 3:22 i sometimes struggle with when we ay no it doesn't mean we're not goinggto work with the povernor and see what we can do 33 governor martin o'malley has vowed to apppal fema's decision - which ultimately was approved by president obama. myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten. that brings us to our stormmvictims on maryland's easttrn shoreget more help from the ederal government?. here's our facebook page...a this question...and most of you say hey áshouldá get help. by going to acebook dot com for children made homeless by superstorm sanny, christmas will be a bit merrier and brighter...thanks to a 5-year-girl in southeasttbaltim. baltimore. keith ddniels,,.. streaming live... ii our newsroom, .../ with... the... plttle girl's idea... thatt went viral...keith. jennifer.... it's a holiday example of just how powerful social medii can be.... take a loo
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-- >> that is a problem for america. if that should happen. >> chris: i don't want to get too much into the weeds, though, obviously it is a substantive subject, but after the cliff, the next big step, is when we reach the debt ceiling, which we're now told by treasury secretary geithner will be probably around the end of february. two months. assuming that you get this deal, you turn off the bush tax cuts, for -- bush tax cuts for 98% of americans, will they go every the democrats as part of bargaining on -- and the president said, i will not negotiate on that anymore. >> here's what i will do, if you took every penny on the $600 billion and put it on the deficit, it is 6 or 7% and i don't believe all of it will go on the deficit. when we raised the debt ceiling in august of 2011, we borrowed $2.1 billion. we spent that much money, in 17 months. why would i raise the debt ceiling again, unless we address what put us in debt to begin with? i'm not going to raise the debt ceiling unless we get serious about keeping the country from becoming greece, and social security and medicare, here's what i would lik
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mentions coal powerrplants.. that hurt ourr aar quality. the dirtiest cities in america... accorddng to forbes... arr philadelphia at number 3.... bakersfield, california att nnmberr2... and fresno,, 3 good day for an army dad, wwo made a surppiseereeurn hooe & from afghanistan ver the eric spoerle surpprsed his three sonssat the hhuston texans ame against the indianapolis colts in houuttn sundaa.. is wife aad onsswere caaled onto the field during halftimm, and presentee with peam jerseys. hee their dad was revealed under iant & christmas bbx.mom was in on & the bg surprise or the kids and says it was hard to keep 3&pa gray aad rainy day out there.... when will ittclear mmteorologiittvytas reii. 3 3 3 --guunire nats--- natss-- 3 3 --gunfire nnts---&pnatt-----gunfiie nats--- nats--- 3 3& a suspect shot and killed during a standoff with police ...... what hh did hours eaaliir that led tooa gunbattle. "thats hy alot of the cousins wereecoming, because they were chokinn my auntie. chokknn her!" &pherr"viollnce erupts in thh stands.....
with disabilities for america's fastest, most reliable internet. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. verizon fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities for america's fastest, most reliable internet. make this new yearr veea safe one.don't rink and drrve. substancc abuse expert mike gimbellis here to weiih in on just how dangerous tis night caa be and most importtntly how to change that. coming up.. 3 poming up.. 3 that.how to change most importantly how to change thatt will we.. or won'' wee. we're teetering ooee that fiscal cliff..when lawmakers keep uu frommgoong over! morning. news.. all local.. all &pthe fight over the fiscal cliff.whaa's still being done to try to stop ittfrom happening on fox45 news at five.. ,3 3 3 3 3 395 mapp- 195 map 3 the u-s economy goes over tte - lawmakerr are locked in a fierce face-off... over a set of ssending cuts and tax hikes. hikes.economists fear the combination of the two... could ttigger a nnw recession. if nothing is resolved by midnight tooight... tax rrtes for all americans will innrease. demmcrats ssy it means aboot 2-thousand dollars
..aae for example, sixteen reeubbican & lawmakers that have disavowed theirranti tax pledge tookeep america froo goinn over tte cliff.but as eff barnd tells &pus - here are also those who have not lost sight over why they were sent to congress in the first place. ppace. senaaor rand paul, a hard-line republican tea party conservativv, ssys undee -&pno circumstances will he 33 raise taxes.. [takeesot rand ]] 28 25 "it's bad ffr the economy and it will probably do the reverse of what they intended..so, i don't find i &pcan come to a commromiie that is illogical."trt=:10illogical beeause in his vvew ii lys &pagainst the ggain of the u.s. economy's past and resent -33& peformmnce. [take sot rrnd] & sot in 7:18 "the reason hy 3 coming in right now is cause we are not ggowing." ttt=::33 to rrad thh tea leaves of the econommy -- paullsays look at the 1922's, 1966's, 1980's andd - even duuing the buuh tax cuts. [sot rand] 27:34 "we lowereddratts, we ggt more revveue and actually the rich paii a higher percentage of lowered the rates." trt:=:06 instead of ta
counttes in america but we also haae someeof the most &ppoor and that's who got hit b this storm 33 governor marrin o'malley has already vowed to appeal fema's decision - whhih ultimaaely was approved bb preeident obaaa. that brings us to our question of the day... should storm victims on aryland's eastern shoreget more help from the federal govvrnment?. here's our facebook page...a lot of you are responding to this question...and mosttof you say they áshouldá get help. joon the discussion right now by goinn to facebook dot com sllshhfox-baltimore 3 toss to vytas 3 p3 a women behinn bbrssafter making this youttbe viieo.... her nline confession that gave police a reason to arrest her. --music video nats--- nats--- firefighters in hot water ovee over a provocative video... filmmd inside the station. i'm doing my own sleep study. advil pm® or tylenol pm. the advil pm® guy is spending less time lying awake with annoying aches and pains and more time asleep. advil pm®. the difference is a better night's sleep. mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i
love affair withhviolence." pohnson believes violence in america would deerease if it was harder to obtaii weaponn. he helped ttke 22 thousand past tww ecades during un buy backs. "we are noo going to be ableeto take all thh &pguns out of americans hands but i think we must begin oo talk to america about violence ptself." the owners oo eagle gun rangeesayythe doo't numerous gun safety classes..e "this is one of the reasons we chhldren to train thee ii thh can be a fuu porr, it doesn't have to be a dangerous sport." problem is the person behind itseef. "ii people want to use a baseball batt" "the is for hitting a baseball, a gun is forrkilling people." while the two sidessdiffer of what needs to be done... both sayythey are united in pain in conneccicct and both beeieve something as ttobe doneeso nn more innocent children die in schools. coming p... coming up... 3&pcoming up... preearing ffr the end of the people are stocking up on... - fox 45 morning nees.. ll ((break 4)) [ woman #1 ] i can't believe it's finally here! [ woman #2 ] it's the real deal! [ man #1 ] turn it
awmaaerss that have disavowed tteir anti tax pledge to keep america ffom goinn ovee the cliff.but -3 aa jeef barnd tells uss-- there are also those who havvn't lost sight over whh the firss place. senator raad paul, a - hard-line republiccn tea party conservativv, says under no ciicumstances will he supporr a democratic plan to paise taxes. [take sot rand ] 22825 "it's bad for the economy and t will probably &pinttnded. so, i on't find i canncome to a compromiie that -3 is illlgical.""tt=:10iillogial against the grain of theeuus.. economm's ast and resent peformance. [takk sot rand] & sot ii 22:188"the reassn why we don't have tax revenue 3 we are not growing." trt=:03 to read te tea leeves of thee economy -- pauu says look at the 1920's, 1960's, 1980's and & evvn duuing the buss taa cuts. [sot rand] 22:33 ""e llwered atee, we ggt more revenue nd actually he rich - paid a higherr pprcentage oof -3&pthe overall revenne when we insteaa offttxing the rich, -33 pauu says cut theer social security and medicare beneeits. ideas that he sayss won'
inspectiins that ould take a hit... if america goes over the fiscal cliff. ♪ because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. 3 while democratt andd republicans try to hammer out deaa to aaoid the fiscal cliff p some government aaencies are making contingency plans in case they don't. as emily schmidt reports, agenciessthatt regulaae food safettyare on alert bbcause of the potential familles. d have ome fiical 3 "oh, i like thii one" preparing for the holidays at paul and tressa bennett's housee s a reminder of somethinn elseejust aroond the corner , a iscal cliff deadline hat's personal heee. "i can't imagine funding being cut at this point. it would be tragic". tressa is worried mandatory budget uts would hurt food safety inspection her twins weeeeborn in 1999. 'chloe was ii the hospital for and herrbabies got listeria poisoninn from meat she ate while pregnant. the centers connaminated ood sickens about 48 milllon people a pear, 3000 people die, so the fda and the usda's fooo safety and inspection service are ch
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